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Recording Studio in West London
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It’s where you find truth in audio.

We want to help you create the best piece of music. Our studio strives to be the place where you feel creative and free.

The best equipment for recording

We are an independent recording studio based in West London with qualified studio engineers who specialise in helping artists bring their creative vision to reality. We take great pride in the quality of the recording which takes place in our studio to ensure that our clients are given the best outcome possible.

Other services in our studios

We not only offer the opportunity to let out our studio but we also offer the following services which include:


Mix Downs



Voice Overs



Minimum 2 Hours


Platinum Package

6 hours studio time + 1 mix & mastered song, “quality” (radio ready)


Gold Package

2 hours studio time + 1 mix & mastered song, “quality” (radio ready)



Voice Recording

Room A – £35ph

Room B – £30ph


Mixing & Mastering

1-2 days turnaround

£100 per track





Use of Studios for filming







Starting price. (Prices may vary).

mp3 – £65

wav – £100

Exclusive beat – £300

Custom beat – £450


OPEN 24/7

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These services are but a few of what we have on offer so please feel free to get in touch with your requirements and we’ll be sure to accommodate your needs.

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07960 267409